Wairua Tangata
Spirit  Man
Oil on Canvas
Painted by
Peter Jean Caley
size framed: 58 inches by 45 inches

The Painting was exhibited at the
Firenze Bienale 2003
Te Papa
New Zealand National Museum
New Zealand
as part of TOI IHO exhibition 2005
Wairua Tangata                Code 103
Available in
Gi Clee A2 (16”x24” – 420mm x 595mm)
A3 (12”x 16” – 297mm x 420mm)
A4 (8”x 12” – 210mm x 297mm)
Laser prints
A3 (12”x 16” – 297mm x 420mm)
A4  (8”x 12” – 210mm x 297mm)

This painting depicts a
Great Leader  Maori King from the Late 1800's Whose vision and dream to
bring peace and harmony and equality to the Maori people.
That all races live side by side with a common goal.
On the left is a Teko Teko or Guardian guarding the dream as it has not manifested fully
The Kahu Kuri (dog skin cloak) depicts different races living side by side THEY did not have to become
one,but to live in harmony.. The Ti Eke (saddleback – a native bird)  and other birds are messengers
LIFE that bring WISDOM to us,then it is up to the individual whether to listen or not.
Although this
Great man was peaceful ,in the water in foreground is a WAR symbol as nothing in LIFE
moves without friction.
When a ARIKI ( King),Rangitira ( chief) or Tohunga dies before completing their mission they can
become Taniwha. These monsters live in the rivers and try to get future generations to fulfil the wish.
At his Granddaughters,
Dame TE Atairangikaahu, Maori Queen TANGI or Funeral in 2006 we could
see thousands of people of many races coming together to pay their respects,maybe this mans
is still working.
ALL MAORI portraits painted by Peter Jean Caley are original
composition in no way copied from any other artist.
time to achieve the result he wanted in sharing this Mans dream.