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"Peter Caley to Attend PawPaw Moon Pow wow"
2005-09-17 until 2005-09-18
George Rogers
Clark Park
Springfield, OH, USA United States of America

Peter Jean Caley
, an internationally known artist from New Zealand, will be in multiple
cities in the US to show his signature paintings that currently command very high market
prices internationally. Caley is stamped as being New Zealand’s foremost Kiwi-Maori
artist. He is also known for his paintings of native birds and New Zealand landscapes.
With a keen interest in native peoples around the world, Caley will be a special guest at
the PawPaw Moon Pow Wow at George Rogers Clark Park in Springfield, Ohio on
September 17 and 18.

His breathtaking detail and mastery are explained more in depth by Cynthia Christensen
& James Leonard-Amodeo in the Art Gallery news Letter and magazine.
readers may remember Caley’s very large oil paintings of racing yachts and seaworthy
vessels. One word--Extraordinary! At Volvo International around the world Yachting race
Peter Painted all 8 competitors.  His Painting of NZL60 (The New Zealand Black Magic
2000 Americas Cup winner) is on permanent display at the National Maritime Museum.

Caley remains unsurpassed as master of color and technique. His works on the Maori
people and culture stupefy people with their provocative and deep, spiritual meanings
that slice into the heart of one’s very soul.

While in New York, Caley will be meeting with Jennifer Cho, Director of the New York
Society of Opera, to prepare an inter-disciplinary show in New York City and discussion of
a show in Toulouse, France, and art exhibitions for Caley’s work in the USA. Already talks
of a grand show are being put forth as it is hoped Peter will bring his signature paintings
and an entourage of Maori dancers and singers to San Francisco, LA early of next year.
From the sound of things it will be an outright impeccable show!

Caley has enjoyed International fame for sometime now and feels the opportunity is ripe
for him to introduce his art to American audience full scale. It is interesting to note about
sixty percent of his sales come from Americans vacationing in New Zealand.

Peter Caley is a Premiere Portfolio Artist at View more of his work at:

Peter Jean Caley
Title: Tamoko
Year Created: 2000
Medium: Oil Painting
Width: 30 inches x Height: 24 inches