Little Spotted Kiwi /Pukupuku
Little Spotted Kiwi
Original Oil Painting
Peter Jean Caley
Little Spotted Kiwi
Original oil painting
Peter Jean Caley
painted 2006
Little Spotted Kiwi used to roam the
South Island forests,now only found on
Island sanctuaries and Karori Wildlife
Little Spotted Kiwi/Kiwi Pukupukuhatched in a incubator
from breeding pair at Mt Bruce Native Bird Reserve
1972,where A.G.Caley was a curator.
Great Spotted Kiwi
and Brown Teal /Pateke bred at Mt
Mountain Blue Duck/ Whio Young
bred at Mt Bruce in
1970"s.Endangered NZ birds
Great Spotted Kiwi / Roa
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Transfer to South Island
Little Spotted Kiwi /Pukupuku were transferred