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Island of north

The museum commemorative of the war with Auckland

The museum commemorative of the war of Auckland shows us the history of New
Zealand, the report/ratio of the country to the war, but also the flora and fauna
single this country.One finds there also a collection priceless of treasures maoris
and Pacific Islands southern. The galleries of the museum present the cultural and
social history New Zealand.For the children, two centers of discovered will make
known to them the history through the recreation and the interactivity.Placed in an
imposing historical building with spectacular sights on Auckland and its port, the
museum of Auckland is a very popular attraction as well for the tourists for people
of the country.
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The museum of Rotorua
Located in the famous building of the Baths, an architectural icon in oneself, the
museum of Rotorua is the ideal place to begin your adventure:Enter the spiritual
world of the people of Arawa and recall the history of the terrible eruption of 1886.
You will be intimidated by the legendary exploits of the company B of the 28th
battalion maori carried out during the Second World War. You will also
include/understand why people came from the whole world to visit the “great
thermal spa of the South Seas”. Stop your course by visiting the Blue dips
méticuleusement reconstituted.The museum is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the 9
hour and winter months to 8 p.m. during the summer.
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Te PaPa Museum
Since its opening to Wellington in 1998, the Museum You Dad acquired a world
reputation thanks to its approach innovating in the presentation of the treasures
and the stories of a nation. More than ten million people already came to
appreciate this single experiment. Te Dad is a waharoa, a passage, which leads to
the meeting with the ground and the inhabitants of New Zealand. The marvellous
taonga (cultural treasures maoris) is presented in the form of attractive and very
interactive stories. You will go to the meeting of the maoris, the indigenous people
of New Zealand, thanks to authentic representations of their cultural traditions.
Marae, i.e. the communal place of meeting, encourages the visitors to approach.
Except certain temporary exposures which are paying, the museum is free. But do
not hesitate to make some purchases with the shop who has a superb collection of
art and local arts and crafts.
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Island of the south

The town of Christchurch
Christchurch and its Canterbury area are known to be pleasant to visit and live!
The city has an important cultural scene, a historical past very present, and
superb parks and gardens. Among the things not to be missed, it there with the
Cathedral, the botanical garden, and the international center of the Antarctic. The
art gallery You Puna O Waiwhetu exposes famous New Zealand but such
international artists, and the museum of Canterbury will charm you by his diversity
and its innovation. In short, with Christchurch, you do not fail to remain a few days
will always find there quelquechose to be made!
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Botanical garden of Christchurch
The botanical garden of Christchurch was created by the English in 1850. These
colonists had brought with them the traditions of gardening of their fatherland. In
1863, an English oak was planted in the gardens to commemorate the marriage of
the English monarch, prince Albert Edward. This is regarded as the date of official
opening of the botanical garden. It is managed today by the town council of
Christchurch. On a surface of 30 hectares, and surrounded by the Avon river, the
garden is a place of any beauty with undoubtedly one of the finest collections of
exotic and indigenous plants of New Zealand. There are many large majestic
trees, of which much has more than 120 years, which form a superb decoration
with the many collections of flowers and plants.
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Picture gallery  Caley Art Gallery of Geraldine
We present a small gallery lost with Geraldine to you, on the road of Tekapo. If
you pass in the corner do not hesitate to enter to admire a very beautiful collection
of paintings maorie.
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