Rangi Miria
Original Oil Painting
Peter Jean Caley

Size framed: 41 inches by 35 inches
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Rangi Miria        Code 104
Ngati Pehe (Tribe)
Available in
Gi Clee A2 (16”x24” – 420mm x 595mm)
A3 (12”x 16” – 297mm x 420mm)
A4 (8”x 12” – 210mm x 297mm)
Laser prints
A3 (12”x 16” – 297mm x 420mm)
A4  (8”x 12” – 210mm x 297mm)

Rangi Miria was born in Te Kuiti and given for adoption at birth by her parents to
help another Maori family regroup. With her went Mana (respect and status) and
land. This worked well until all parents had passed away. Then the daughters, born
into her new family decided to take possession of the land and titles and swept her
under the carpet. All that remained after her death in 1930 was a damaged photo,
her loving children and her Taonga (Cloak and pendents). In 1997 Peter was asked
to paint Rangi Miria by her Grand daughter to help restore her Mana. This has
since worked and the 2 families have come together and compensation made and
Rangi Miria picture now hangs in her meeting house with honour where it belongs.
A single feather represents a silent protest, just a reminder but without bitterness.